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Core Mio Encuentro Milonguero ~ Edition II
22. 23. 24  March  2024   Naples  Italy

The Second Encuentro Milonguero remains in one of the most suggestive locations of Naples. Taking place in Foqus' Corte dell'Arte, a 16th century monument right in the heart of our reknown Spanish Quarters. An elegant open space, shielded by an innovative transparent plane which allow the structure to host events throughout year. The area is of 280 square meters and welcomed 200 milongueros from all over Europe.

Tango decorum such as Mirada & Cabaceo, DJs & dancers of Encuentro style & level.

Throughout the event, our guests enjoyed drinks and snacks, typical of our Neapolitan tradition.


Friday 22 March 

Starting 20:30 Registration Desk Opens
21:30 to 02:00 Evening Milonga with DJ Marco Evola (Italy)

Saturday 23 March
15:00 to 19:00 Afternoon Milonga with DJ Michael Thiele (Germany)
21:30 to 02:00 Evening Milonga with DJ Popul Castello (Italy)

Sunday 24 March
15:00 to 20:00 Afternoon Milongs with DJ Rosita Aragione (Italy)

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Core Mio II

We took care of organizing Core Mio, but it was thanks to YOU that the event was so full of such wonderful energy ✨️, enthusiasm, smiles, and warm embraces.  
This second edition was a reflection of all the joy you brought to it, and we are so happy to have shared it with you!
With much love, ❣️🙏🏻
Paola and Rosita

Regina Lee

Alas, it’s time to bid farewell as I head home today. It was lovely exchanging embraces and having the chance to see (and taste)  Napoli. It felt like a dream dancing at such a spectacular venue. Thank you beautiful and talented ladies of Core Mio!
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March 2023

For the first ever Encuentro Milonguero of our beloved city, we wanted you to experience the most authentic Naples there is!  And absolutely nothing screams authentic and colorful more than our beloved Spanish Quarters. We were so  lucky with your overwhelming  enthusiasm and positive energy, that started pouring in since the very start, with the opening of registrations.  Friendship, affection, trust, and word of mouth made this all possible. Special thanks to the DJs, the dancers, the staff, and the Neapolitan friends who wanted to share this with us. 

Love,  Paula and Rosita


Grazie , Rosita e Paola per la vostra accoglienza, gentilezza e simpatia, avete saputo creato una bella atmosfera,grazie grazie col ♥️♥️
“Napule è na' camminata ...  Int'e viche miezo all'ate   
Napule è tutto nu suonno ...   E a' sape tutto o' munno
Ma nun sanno a' verità ...   Napule è mille culture”
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