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Paola Perez and Rosita Aragione founded the Mujeres del Tango Association in 2007 with the aim of spreading the rich culture and nuances of Argentine Tango; dance, music and beautiful poetry.

They've been leading tango courses in the city of Naples Italy ever since, in addition to Tango seminars and workshops, held with the collaboration of the most important names in the field.  To the Mujeres, dance codes and decorum have always been a top priority in all that they do.

Mujeres del Tango's decades long experience in organizing tango events has driven them to hold the very first Encuentro Milonguero in Naples.

They sought after a special setting for the event - one which would honor the fascinating heritage and spirit of their beloved city - and found the perfect spot! 

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Mujeres del Tango


+39 335 573 7303

+39 333 336 7614

Napoli, Italia

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